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Dear traders!

Форекс Советник – это компьютерная программа с алгоритмом действий, которая основана на анализе торговых сигналов forex, генерируемых стандартными и не стандартными индикаторами внедренных в торговый терминал Meta Trader. Советники помогают определить, когда покупать, а когда продавать валютную пару. Также Советник может базироваться на математических расчетах и не содержать индикаторов. Советники созданы для того, чтобы избавить процесс торговли от психологического фактора, который может пагубно сказаться на торговле.
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Уважаемые клиенты!

Мы даем 100% гарантию работоспособности наших программных продуктов, так как мы используем их постоянно в реальной торговле, и постоянно анализируем все результаты торговли и если необходимо вносим изменения для улучшения результатов.
Вы не рискуете абсолютно нечем.
Вы получаете 30 дней, чтобы попробовать полностью систему в демонстрационном режиме на демо счете. Так что Вам не придется рисковать собственным капиталом.
Вы получаете программный продукт, работающий на популярной платформе MetaTrader4/5.
Если по истечении 30 дней гарантии Ваш прирост баланса был ниже нуля, Вы получите возмещение.
После получения лицензионного ключа или файла с расширением .DLL на реальный торговый счет, Вы не можете требовать возмещения, так как Вы получаете электронный элемент без ограничений по использованию, и он установлен на Ваш компьютер

It is important!
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Панель трейдера ScoutFX Panel была создана с целью упростить торговлю трейдерам, торгующим руками и самостоятельно принимающие решения о входе в рынок. Данная торговая панель является помощником в принятии решения, указывая на выбор, настроения большинства трейдеров. Используя представленные данные, трейдер легко сможет определится с выбором направления входа в рынок или внести коррективы в свою стратегию используя данные ScoutFX Panel как корректирующие или дополнительные.
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  • Actual version: 8.12 Chronovisor
  • Last date of release: 23/11/2017
  • Last date of trading settings release: 23/11/2017
  • Technical support: 5 days a week, through on-line chat or e-mail (on english and russian languages)
  • Platform: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
  • Purpose: automated trading and automated trades execution on Forex market through MetaTrader4 (MetaQuotes Software Corp) trading terminal.
  • Trading account types: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro … all account types supported by MetaTrader4 terminal.
  • Trading strategy: Market entry by candle analysis, with pre determined algorithm of candle figures with most probability of execution, filtered by price levels overlap of present day to previous day. Strategy demonstrated itself as a calm trading strategy with no aggressive entries. Trades are opened for few minutes or hours. Main entries on European and American sessions. Positions in profit are closed at the end of a trading day at European session closure. No trades during Asian session. Average profit of trade is from 5 to 50 points. Monthly profits are 10%, working drawdown is 5-7%. Maximal drawdown was fixed on tests during BREXIT 23/06/2016, for up to 30%. But there would be no trades on such news, risks are minimized, no rush for profits, main directives are saving the deposit and stable profits. Each currency pair in use is traded for about 250 trades annually. Pairs used in trading – EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP...
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In order to make a decision to purchase, you want to be sure in trading strategies profitability in future, and need a proof of profit in past.

Our company always provides full information about our software. And for all new trading strategies, we are also making mandatory tests, using the history of currency pairs activity and trading monitorings on real accounts, starting from the date of new version sales. 

Here we will demonstrate results of advisor's trading, this version is available from the year 2008, make sure that advisor has made profit through the worst scripts of market behavior.  

All provided tests were executed on historical data on real trading account of Alpari and FxPro Broker.

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Risk Warning: Trading Forex and CFDs offers the opportunity to experienced investors who really understand how markets work, make a profit. However, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that even knowledgeable investors may have large potential losses from its trading activities. Thus, investors should be fully aware of all the risks associated with trading in Forex and CFDs. In addition, investors should recognize all the negative consequences associated with the trade, as well as to take the risks before you begin to trade, as trade on Forex and CFDs may not be acceptable to them....

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Hello dear traders! 

Let us tell you about Kalinka Capital OU.
On this website of our company you can purchase trading systems (forex experts). These are the systems that are used by our traders for MAM\PAMM accounts management, opened with FxPro, XM, Alpari
Forex trading with the use of our automated system is nothing like a casino game, with its risks and aggression. Our systems are only directed for constant profits. 
  • The best clients support
  • Only the best software
  • 30 days of refund warranty
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Terms of purchase
We give 100% performance guarantee of our products because we use them constantly in real trading, and continually analyzing all the results of trading, and if needed we make changes to improve the results..
You are not taking risk.
You will get 30 days to try the full system on a demo account. So you do not have to risk your own capital.
You get the software that runs on the popular MetaTrader4 platform.
If after 30 days guarantee your balance increase was below zero, you will get a refund.
After receiving the license key or file with the DLL extension on a real trading account, you can not claim compensation/refund because you get an electronic item without restrictions on use, and it is installed on your computer.
Return Policy
1. You buy an unlimited on time of use version of the software. Requirements for return/refund will be accepted under the following conditions:
If the balance of growth was below zero
If you used purchased product correctly
If you have not changed our trading settings
2. In order to claim a refund you must provide us with :
A detailed report/statement with comments included, from MetaTrader4 terminal,  of your account with at least 30 days of continuous operation.
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Technical support - is one of the main priorities of our company. We understand that a happy client -  is a common basis for a successful business. Technical support through online chat (link "Ask a question" in the upper corner of the website), can provide our clients with professional technical support, fast and qualified 5 days a week, Monday till Friday, 09-00 till 21-00 GMT+2 (Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius).
Also "ServiceDesk" module is available. This is an automated service for technical support for our clients by off-line messages. You can send your question or activation request through "ServiceDesk" by choosing the category of question and related product for which you have a question. You can aslo attach a file with size up to 128mb. This feature can help you to avoid using e-mail messages, and communicate with our administrators directly on the website.
"ServiceDesk" is easy to work with: You create activation request, it will be recorded by the system and sent to our employee, who will execute your request. If necessary, multiple employees can be solving your issue or request. 
magelan.kalinkacapital.ee system will automatically identify you upon your next visit. You can monitor the status of your request in online mode - who has accepted it, what is the answer, how and in what time period your request will be executed. Easy, effective, fast!
Your message will be delivered to qualified employee. System will automatically alerts one of the administrators about your issue - financial issues will be sent to accounting, tech. issues - in tech. support, the rest - in sales department. 
Attention: all requests, sent through "ServiceDesk", are executed from 1 to 24 hours on weekdays!


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